2000 Range Rover 4.6 Vogue SE, long term ownership with an impressive 42,090 miles from new.

Key Facts


In September 1994, Land Rover launched its second-generation Range Rover, succeeding the original model after a production run of 24 years. 

Project Pegasus or P38A as it was known in the early stages of design was named after the office building, housing the development team at Solihull – ‘P38A’ The development program commenced in 1988 with a budget of £300 million being set two years later. Three new engines were offered from launch, two V8 petrol units, a 4.0 and 4.6 which were both Rover derived, and a 2.5 Diesel supplied by BMW.

V767EGK was supplied new by Park Lane Land Rover in February 2000 to its first owner, finished in Java Black with Lightstone Leather and contrasting piping, options included a half wood/leather steering wheel, rubber over mats and a Tracker device, the total invoice value amounting to £53,341.91

It was kept by the first owner for over 18 years, covering a modest 38,500 miles, during which time, routinely maintained by Land Rover and an entrusted local Garage in Chelsea, there is a vast history file to support all aspects of servicing and maintenance. It is worth noting that during this time, the car was not used off road, leading a somewhat sheltered life, garaged in London.

Since 2018, the car has had a further 2 owners, both of which have continued to maintain the car diligently, a service has just been conducted along with four new Avon tyres and the alloy’s refreshed.

The car is in exceptionally good condition with an interior that belies its age, its ready to be enjoyed by its new owner.